Help me SAVE on my printing!

Help me SAVE on my printing!

Tips and tricks to save money by printing smarter and more efficiently.

Work Backwards

Before you start on your next project, think about working backwards to save time and money when moving forwards. A little preparation on the front end of a project can help guide and streamline your process for creating the finished piece.



Start with how much you want to pay. Often times, this can be a quick reference to start you on your project. There is nothing worse than creating an outstanding newsletter or brochure, only to find out that a 12 page layout or a over-sized brochure is beyond what your budget allows and you have to redesign everything to fit 8 pages or a standard size. Knowing you only need to creat 8 pages of material from the beginning or you only have a limited amount of space on each panel of your brochure, is not only going to save original design time but remake time to fix it.



How do you plan on getting your printed material in your customer's hands? If your planning on mailing it, make sure you are leaving the required amount of space and the proper position that the post office requires. That can mean the entire back panel of a brochure, or the bottom half of a folded newsletter. Certain restrictions for mailings may require extra tabs if not done correctly. A brochure without a mailing panel is going to require an additional envelope or a large section of your brochure covered up with a label to mail out.


Layout Restrictions

If your planning on a typical multi-page 8.5 x 11 inch newsletter, remember that those are printed on 11 x 17 inch sheets and folded in half. That means that one sheet has four 8.5 x 11 inch pages on it when you consider the front and back of the 11 x 17 inch sheet. Keeping in mind multiples of 4, if you are looking to have a 10 page newsletter made, you are now looking at printing two 11 x 17 inch sheets that staple together and loosely inserting a separate 8.5 x 11 inch sheet in the middle. This will require additional work to create as well as tabbing for a mailed flat. All together, you would actually be better off by adding 2 pages and making it 12 total (or reducing it by 2 and saving some content for the next newsletter) to avoid all the extra work. 


Design Restrictions

After your finally ready to start designing, take a moment to add your elements like page numbers, headers, or footers. Include some guides for your page margins so your not too close to the edge of the paper (you should never put critical material like type within 1/8 inch from the edge of the sheet). Keep in mind if your planning on the image bleeding off the edge of the page, and that it will cost you to have to print on larger paper and it will require additional trimming when done as well.


Black and white (including shades of grey) is always going to be less expensive than color. Consider using a preprinted color masthead with black and white imprinted to save additional money. The preprinted masthead can be printed in larger quantities like an entire years worth and kept in storage, which give you better per piece pricing, then imprinting black and white on top of it throughout the year at the reduced rate.


A little forethought can go a long way when preparing for your next printing. Keep these tips in mind and call ahead for specific questions at 850-747-9000. You can also drop us a quick note from our contact page at and we will get back to you during normal business hours.


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