Help me SAVE on my printing!

Help me SAVE on my printing!

Tips and tricks to save money by printing smarter and more efficiently.

The Shell Game


Time to order more business cards for another new employee? Someone bought a new cell phone and wants to update their card? Updated your web site or email address and tired of writing it on old cards? Just plain old run out?


Whatever the case may be, it's time to get more business cards printed. One way to save on spot color printing is with the use of business card shells. A "shell" is like a printed template with all your more expensive spot colors preprinted ahead of time. They can be a great way for a medium or large size business to save lots of printing costs by ordering in large quantities, then paying only small amounts to imprint on top of when the inevitable reorder is needed. 


Printing shells can be a great way to budget your expenses, speed up your print time, and keep consistency! Curry Print can give you a quote to run your shells and a quote for imprinting onto those shells for each order, which will enable you to budget a year's worth of cards at one time. Having the preprinted shells ready to go will also speed up the time it takes to get ready and print your cards by having a "fill in the blank" style template for your new info. This will quickly turn around an email proof because you will not have to worry about color variance of your company logos each time you need a new card. Consistency is maintained by printing all at once on the shell.


Remember, quantity is always a cost savings when you can plan for it. Shells can give you those quantity price breaks you want on something like business cards, that you would have never thought was possible because of the individualization of each person's needs.



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