Help me SAVE on my printing!

Help me SAVE on my printing!

Tips and tricks to save money by printing smarter and more efficiently.

In a Bind

When your ready to finish your booklets, calendars, notepads or something similar, there are several options to choose from. Plastic or metal coils, GBC comb binders, velo, 3-ring binder, padding glue, saddle stitch, wrap around covers, and perfect binding to name the most popular choices. They all have their own looks and options for your final product, as well as their own costs and time invloved in producing them. 


For example, consider saddle stitching (which is a thin booklet or magazine, printed on paper twice the size of a single sheet, folded and stappled in the center like a comic book) as a low cost option for binding, while perfect binding (which is printing on individual pages with a large cover that wraps around and glues the spine of the pages to the inside of the cover) is more expensive. However, saddle stitching has a smaller limit to the amount of pages you can put together, while perfect binding can take larger amounts. Perfect binding will conceal the bind while saddle stitch will leave exposed staples.


Talking to your printer about what you are looking for in a finished product and if you are flexible on the binding options, you can greatly reduce the costs of your final piece. Perhaps you like the squared edge look and have a smaller amount of pages, but do not want to pay the extra costs to perfect bind? Curry Print offers one of the regions only square edge saddle stitchers which will put a double fold into the spine of a stapled book, giving it the illusion of a perfect bind, with the cost savings of a saddle stitch. 


Always take advantage of the expertise and experience of your printer when trying to save money on your printing!





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